Cavalor Cooling Wash

The ideal way to refresh the body and revitalize the muscles after exertion. Indication for use: Add 1 capful (15 ml//0.68 fl. oz) to 4L/1 gallon of water. Using a sponge, apply this mixture to the body, especially the legs and back. Rinsing not necessary.

Cavalor Equi Wash

Skin-friendly shampoo. Indication for use: Dilute Cavalor Equi Wash with warm water, rub well into the coat and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Cavalor Hygienic Wash

Cavalor Hygienic Wash cleans the skin and kills bacteria, viruses and fungus. Indication for use: Moisten the skin, rub in the ready-to-use liquid until a layer of foam develops, rinse thoroughly with water.

Cavalor Iceclay

Natural clay supplemented with minerals to relax stressed legs. Indication for use: Fast cooling: apply thick layer on the legs (tendons), allow to dry and rinse off with cold water Slow cooling: apply thick layer to the tendons, wrap in wet paper and bandage

Cavalor Lurax

A skin ointment ideal for treating scrapes, bruises and other skin irritations. Indication for use: Apply the ointment to the damaged skin. Store in a cool place.

Cavalor Muddoc

This mud fever (scratches) ointment is a 100% natural and doping-free product. Because MudDoc stops bacteria from attaching to the foot, it not only treats current mud fever but helps prevent future breakouts as well. Indication for use: Disinfect the irritated skin and apply Cavalor MudDoc. For external use only.

Cavalor Star Shine

A long-acting detangler that gives a beautiful shine to your horse. Indication for use: As detangler: Spray Cavalor Star Shine on the tail and mane, let dry and then comb. As brightener: Spray on the coat. After drying polish with a wool cloth.

Cavalor sw-itch

Cavalor Sw-itch was specially developed for horses that are sensitive from skin irritation or itchy as a result of weather conditions or insect bites. Sw-itch protects your horse against uncontrollable itching and helps prevent sweet itch, including rubbing of the tail not related to parasites. Indication for use: Apply Sw-itch every day to the affected skin as soon as you notice skin irritation. To keep the itching under control, use Sw-itch 2 to 7 days a week. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE.